Me and girlfriend which mother of my child. Well we are always fighting and concerned of our future together as family. I love her dearly and like to marry someday.

Struggling to make ends meet

Please pray for me to get a job and to get out of my abusive mm marriage., I am stuck living with a man and his son who abuse me mentally and physically. Pray I find a job so I'm able to have my son an daughter home. Pray I get thru this. I've never been by myself an I'm scared but I know I need it.. thank u so much appreciate it. God bless

dads prayer

Please pray that my children, particularly my girls, would find contentment and peace in their lives as a result of their consistent devotion to prayer.


To help me let go and let God and need financial help to pay bills and to buy a home for my grandson to always have when the good lord calls me home

I lost my husband 8months ago today, homeless and struggling to home

On June 13,2022 my husband was killed in a car accident, I became homeless and I've lost everything fixing to become homeless again on the 20th of this month. Im struggling to cuz I have no vehicle and I'm in desperate need of a vehicle so I can get to and from doctor appointments and the grocery stores for one also in very desperate need of being able to find and get help to get a permit place to live from now on please pray for me please also please pray Im able to get help or either I'm blessed with someone who is willing to help me out please? God bless you all

Help for Sandra

Please help Sandra out she lost her husband almost 3 years ago after his death while at work she came home her house had been emptied out four of the children took everything left her with nothing empty house even taking the pets now because there's nothing to sell for probate to pay for the loan on the house she was served papers for foreclosure because she does not have any money to pay the loan on the mortgage she tried to set up payments but has a $500 car payment and only receives $900 a month

Prayer Request

Prayer request for abundance and financial relief. Please and thank you! So much light! So much love! ✨🌟✨🥰🤗

Health and financial

Praying for peace, happiness s as nd contentment in my home. Praying for enough financially to mss as ke sure sll bills are paid and for me to have money for food. There’s just not enough to do it sll. Praying for a miracle and a possibility of a good sitting down decent (worth my value) part time job snd the ability to take it on. I know all things are possible with our Lord our father here, all thanks and most of all, all love and grace to o him above. Thank you Lord, father without you I’m nothing, you m as ke it as ll possible. Thank you thank you thank you! Amen  


Just prayer for the best possible outcome for everyone involved and give me the strength to do it.

Health and finance

I struggling with my bills and stuff paid right now. I just love off of $900 a month time won't pay rent have my car and food and lights I have three little. My car needs repairing and I don't even have the money for that to get it into the shop. I'm also taking care of my uncle who's 69 and has lung cancer who is in the hospital right now please

My path to serve God now.

Pray for God to help me find a path to take in order to abide him by not being a solitary Christian’. Thanks be to God . . .


Needing a bit of financial help with my utility bill and groceries. Also needing a lot of spiritual guidance. Thank you  

Health and wellness

Please pray for me in regards to my health and also my financial difficulties.Thank you and God bless you all.

For strength made you back surgery a lot of pain in my legs and back

Pray for my mind pain in my back and legs from back surgery not enough income to take care of me and my mother ask God to grant me favor got hurt on the job have not received a dime


I am trying to get my self motivated after the deaths of both my grandma's not even 90 days apart......I miss them with everything I am because I am not doing what I feel is worthy of their last memory of me.....I WANT them to see that their children had children who exemplified their upbringing.... AND kept their teachings of God AND how to just be a decent human being alive .....I don't want them to worry that their lives here were lived in vain......

A new beginning

I always been wishing n pray for a little property a 🏡 where it's safe to let my 2 mastiff run free be happy


Get a job Better income coming in to pay my bills my family and friends my health my family health needs to be more 🙏 into church I need 🙏 prayer in every way 🙏 in my life

the struggle

our father dont allow our circumstances to destroy the light within thats needed to guide us until our time has come for the blessings!!! keep your lights on and engine running

My family and myself

Bn taking care of grandmother bc I chose to 2yrs ago my health mental and physical has become pretty bad and it's bn trying times for many I've tried to overcome many obstacles and sometimes lose all hope I nd to remember we serve a loving mighty lord and Savior who never fails us.Lord God wrap your loving arms around me and my family that we all must come together and see that mamaw has best care possible throughout her maculardegeneration hearing and other nds lord. Help me not to lose sight or Faith in God for he never fails us! I nd to give it all to God I also have friend in nd of prayer 🙏

Replace Windows

Please Lord send some one to help me and my family to get the windows installed so it will be safe and insulated which will save on electric bills as well God bless those people who are going to help so we can help others in times of need or prayers goes out to everyone.  

Pray for me and all people

Help all the people tat are hurting ,hungry living off the streets watch over my family Jesus .thank you for another beautiful day for our health help me make rite decisions forgive me for some things I have done watch over my granddaughter Thank you for our health please help Lisa make her journey as painless as possible if their a cure for what Ali’s her please help her and all others tat have cancer amen


I had colonostemiphy bag surgery and tomorrow I go for a lower GI in order to be able to put my colon back together. I'm asking for GOD to touch my stomach. I've had two kids and a partial hysterectomy and never been cut on and no stretch marks and I'm CUT from the belly button to my private area. It's hard to go #2 out of my belly. Please pray for me thank you jesus


I lost my CDLs of 31 years and had a baby with my wife at the same time and I can't afford to fix her home to live in and they're taking the baby from us I have went the wrong way in life and I need prayers I'm straightening my life out and the wisdom to know how and I love Jeremiah her son Heather his mother knowing how much they mean to me


I pray to you Almighty , Lord please don't let my brother and I be fig trees We are already rich in heart , but financially we are barely surviving please send someone or something into our lives who will light that fire under our asses and motivate us and revitalize use once again to Seek knock and ask this is ME asking you please Father my Lord God help us Thank you Jesus Amen. Trinity


Please help me understand how I turn the other cheek and allow my wife the freedom to keep hurting me  

Pray for me and my family

Pray that my life becomes settled with enough finances to support me and my family. Pray that the blood of Jesus flood my household n wash my children, grandchildren, mother, siblings, and significant other from head to toe. Keep the enemy away from us and heal our hearts to stay more focused on God whose our savior 🙏. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Having faith yet needing help...

I'm requesting prayer on my behalf for healing of reoccurring cancer. After being diagnosed in Dec 2019 with ovarian cancer and now being diagnosed with liver cancer, I recently lost my vehicle due to a car wreck. I had been living in my car so now I'm homeless completely with no means of getting around. I hope for the best while praying away the worst and remain faithful knowing I'm in God's hands. I would appreciate prayer concerning all my daily issues and ask the Lord to make provisions for me in all aspects of my life. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and allowing me the opportunity to share my needs with you. God bless.

Sometimes life hits u really hard and all u can do is ask for help and

Please pray for us to get back on our feet. I’ve recently been struggling with depression. I’m unemployed and still have two beautiful children that need food and warmth and clothing I’m struggling to pay my phone bill and electric bill I am completely over drafted every month I just need someone to pray for us to somehow get ourselves out of this huge crisis situation of a hole that we r in. God is the only one that is gonna help me get through this time in my life so seeing this site made me realize maybe I need more than my prayers alone maybe if someone else prays for us it will help because right now life is beating me down pretty hard and I’m not really sure what to do. Please pray for my children to always have what they need no matter what and for them to know they are the only things that shine like the Sun through the clouds in our life. Thank you all for your time and prayers. God bless you and thank you for your prayers

Were kinda having it rough

I clicked on this website to apply to turn our home into a solar home bc we have it hard trying to pay for an electric bill.there are so many things wrong with our trailer sometimes im afraid to lay my head down bc the wiring is so bad. You literally have to flip a light switch just to have heat when its cold and now u cant even do that bc the lightswitch gets hot as fire. My window are rotted out in the bed room the roof leaks sometimes when it rains. We want to finish fencing in our yard bc we cant even let the animals outside to run and use the restroom bc they want to call the police or the animal control. So my floors are kinda ruined from that especially in our bathroom bc the toliet leaks! Im not exactly sure if this is what yall mean by praying on here but my prayers is to have a nice liveable home especially one i can lay my head down at night i dont have to worry abt burning up in my sleep! In jesus name i pray. Amen

Move in affordable housing Amen

Move to Greensboro or Goldsboro N,C, and affordable housing In Jesus name Amen,Thanks God is Awesome.

Prayer request

I'm request a prayer for myself to help me get though all of the hardships I' have my car stolden in step I found my brother dead 12/07/2022.and have to get his stuff out of his apt.and garage where I have my stuff and no money to do this or a place to put it my son and daughter are addicted to those blue pills and he has legal problems if he goes to jail I have no help Im sick myself with stage 4COPD and heart problems so I need a lot of prayers  


Pray that me and my family will come out of this dark path we have ended up in and it shall pass soon. Things will start looking up from here on


Plz pray for me and my family. We have 3 amazing kids we’re going through a rough streak and r staying at a hotel in Florence SC. Tonight will most likely be our last night due to funds. Anyways plz pray for me and my family thx. Glenn

Need Financial help

Need a great full time job! I cannot pay my bills. My hours got cut to 20 hours. Please pray!

Pray for me please

Pray for my physical and mental health. Pray that I find a place to live that I don't have to move any time soon. Pray for my relationship with everyone in my life.


My gmaws been struggling for so long. I need God to keep up safe and my family. My Friends. And I just pray I can get a decent vehicle that I like and that nothing happens to us

Not Financially stable enough to lose assistance.

Please pray for my spouse and me to make it. We had been living in a state of homelessness for years and when the Coronavirus hit, we were blessed to be taken into the Prolodge Program. Due to my husband's poor health, he was high risk to catch the virus. During this time we were supposed to be given case management to help us seek housing and follow up with ways to be able to stay housed. Unfortunately we were let to slip thru the cracks and all of the achievements accomplished soon didn't mean a thing with case managers failing to follow thru with the tasks the had promised, and then losing our vital records such as our credentials. We went thru several case managers who were temps, or just left to work for another organization while "handling" my husband's social security case that had been appealed quite some time ago and that person was still receiving all notices for when the hearing would be and was not responding nor giving us any of the information about the case for nearly a year. So we then were passed on to the next project/ program, Austin's Bridge Project to house the homeless, and eventually I found us a place on my own with very little help from the nonprofit that was shut down for chronic mismanagement and the neglect of clients. We have been struggling to try and make ends meet and thought we had caught a break when a second organization picked us up to carry out what the first organization did not. Now we are facing losing everything that we spent nearly 3 years trying to achieve, because they are claiming our two years of assistance is up just a month before our lease is up and two months before his court date for his social security. (The case manager who was originally handling his ssi case reconnected with us when we were picked up by the second organization in October of 2022.) If we could just make it thru to May, he could possibly win his case and then we would actually have income. We have food stamps and a housing voucher but the voucher only covers so much and we are expected to pay the rest as of next month. We are by no means ready to try and take on any financial responsibility. We have no way to do our laundry. (I've been washing what I can by hand and hanging the clothes to dry) my husband's health is still pretty poor, and we have our kitties we love very much that we also have to be able to take care. We have been almost more stressed out that when we had been living on the streets because we have been trying to do as much as we can on our own already. ( Some people will not take us seriously without an advocate) When we were taken into the hotels for the prolodge program we had been reassured several times not to worry that no matter what they would get us into housing and they would NOT let us lose everything again and end up back on the streets but as we're getting closer and closer to the date of renewing the lease, things are not looking great.... Please just pray for us that it all works out and this was all worth the stresses and the struggles to get here. I just read the city was nearing a half a BILLION in donations for housing and housing programs. So there's no way they will let it all just end for us now, right? Please pray for us. We are good people and we really don't normally complain but this is terrifying. His health and my emotional state can not take starting from zero again.

No food, money, and very little income

I’m on social security disability, struggling to make ends meet. I really need a lot of prayers for money, food, and something to give me a break, I can’t work I do get ssdi. But as you can imagine it’s very little money.


I pray for forgiveness of our sins. "God I'm lost, I don't know if I need to stand still or if it's time for me to move around ... I know that you show up and show out and I know that if it wasn't for You I wouldn't have made it through many I thank You and I pray God that You please continue to guide me and let me know what I need to do... love.. Amen

My friends Woodrow Matthew who's in carmont hospital

A prayer for him to make a comeback and stay around a little longer he's had two wives that died he either quit or lost his job that he's had for a while I think he just gave up I asked the Lord to take him out of his depression and get better

I'm about to lose my home

Please pray for my child to come home and for my husband who is in the hospital with lung disease and he's on a ventilator and they said he probably wouldn't come back home he'd have to go to a nursing home please pray for them and pray for me to get abundance to get money because I have over $1,000 in bills and with his check gone I can't pay on myself I'm disabled to waiting on my disability and I have no way to make any money


God's favor, his devine intervention in my life. My prayers are as a woman of God, his wish's are to favor my journey. Thank you in Jesus name, amen


Please heavenly father provide me with a vehicle so that I may reach all corners of the world to help all your children. Amen

Im single mother , my name is Thea

I need prayers that I can find a vehicle so that I can get back to work. An that I may have the emotional strength be there for my brother's an fiance that are currently incarcerated. I need the lord's guidance I have suddenly become lost an stuck on autopilot with no real direction. My 2 year old deserves to have security that he is gonna be ok with reliable an strong foundation of home

Pray for me I'm homeless

I'm currently living in my RV and have a hard time finding a place to park I'm at my wit's end and don't no what to do I have no one I can turn to for finacal help thank you for helping.

Going to wheelchair in the future

Was told in the near future I will have to go to use a wheelchair because of osteoarthritis in my back hips knees. Moving into my hands. Also a 2nd surgery on a dislocated left thumb. 1st surgery was a flop. Doctor talking about fuse my thumb back in place and will never useable no bending I'd. IT will be alive but can't button tops or paints. Please pray that my son Glen who crossed over almost 2 years ago was doa in the hospital


After we pay our bills we have 50.00 to last the rest of the month, we have to buy food for 30 days. Every week we have look for food, for 2 adults and a puppy ( we need help)

Help with new leaf

I've recently turned my life around I was addicted to heroine and meth. I'm sober I'm looking to buy a home. Our rent. It's been impossible to find housing because of my back ground. So I've been left homeless. I recieve ssdi for schizophrenia. Which makes my situation complicated. I'm holding on pray that something comes through quickly

Car accident not struggling

Please send prayers my way I was in a car accident now struggling with several different life problems I’d rather not put out there

Pray for me that I can come up with deposit money to find me a place t

I need the money to get me a place to live first month's rent and deposit I get disability so I'll be able to pay my rent I just need God to help me with my deposit Jesus name amen

My kids

Please keep me and my kids in prayer Octavian jones Antonio Gomez Tamera laws and Ashley Washington we’ve had a rough life please just pray for us we would just one time live a good life we’re we didn’t have to depend on anyone like to get my own apt please keep us in your prayers on this thank you amen

loók over my famíly iñ thís difficult time

Dear God and fellow members of this group I ask you to look over my family as times have been very difficult for us these last 2yrs and moreso from the last 3 months,from heartaches to illness to job loss to separation of family members to bills not being able to be paid to lights being cut off today and possibly getting kicked outta our home of 12 yrs due to job loss ,loss of a family member,to so many in the household being sick,Lord Im asking you to look over,my family and give 7s the strength to pull this,us our family our home back in order where it needs to be and to be able to keep the roof over our head this month and utilities to keep us going to live love and keep our heads above water until we can heal from so much handed to us this we know u won't hand us more than we can handle Lord I ask for a little guidance and support and love for our family as we love and obey and trust in you my God.plzlook over my husband after his back surgery,to heal a quick recovery to be able to feel better and also to be able to provide again as he's done for 30 yrs,also I ask you to look after my daughter Shiane with her ahiv/aids and give her the strength and knowledge and wisdom of her situation that shés just like anyone else out here that her medical condition doesn't make her who she is help her thru her depression and give her the knowledge and ability to want to livé and to take her medication to live and be here for or her siblings and loved ones give her the want to live again lied I ask you.Look after Chris as he's an 18 yr old trying to work after graduation and fixing to begin a chapter n his life for his future in college and give him the financial relief of having to help and try to cover the bills recently that we still aren't able to do quite yet .also plz keep guiding me the right path and keeping me going from one day to the next w all the life pressures and sadness and Illness w my lupus and all w covid and the loss of my father and husband outta work due to surgery.lord I thank u without u I don't think I've made it thru many days as sonetimes I feel like my beings just can't handle anymore like my whole world has fell apart around me somehow u give me the strength the power to go another day and I thank u plz don't let my hand go yet as I still need ur guidance if as nd without u and ur love I'm not so sure if I can keep it my family together in our financial and health situation.plz even if our electrics cut off today and we somehow don't get the financial help we need to keep lights and a roof over our head to keep on going and never give up as we have u beside us every step of the way and ur love and our life is greater than could be asked .Lord thank u for all Uve done for my family and for ur love and Gid we e just lóve you.Thru you with you and for you we live and will continue to.And one more thing I ask u to pray for my son Josh to keep him in ur prayers añd guvé him the knowledge of who he is and confidence in his situation that he needs and the knowledge of where and what goes for him a young man to dying to begin his life as a young man plz keep him for his from any harm ,and the wrong kinda people he needs not to associate with the strength to get thru his rehab he's in .Lord I kñow lately I ask alot for my family,but God tho we r down right now we know with u in our lives and hearts that we can overcome anything.Gid u ask u help us to financially get the help we so need to keep our lifhts from being cut off at noon today,and pay our rent in 2 days for this month and as we are able and heal the sickness and give us the strength to keep going and live for Amen be by . . . . If anyone can help me my lights are being cut off today and rent due on the 27th as we need abit if assistance or we will loose our home of 12 yrs as I know but wT to do as my husband has taken care of this until he got in a accident a d now having 2nd surgery .my address is XXX XXXX XXXX.anything will help and be greatly appreciated.Tnk u Amen u God thank u Lord Connies Family  

I have 4 kids

I’m starting all over again I’m 40 I have a 20 16 12 and 3 my last 2 children are autistic my 3 yr old has it bad I’m a single mom I helped family and family got my Tahoe impounded and got my bills so high I couldn’t afford to pay for em I’m I was in a very abusive relationship for yrs I’m the only thing my kids have and they the only reason I smile everyday… they say my pride gets the best of me but I’m calling out for help I will not i repeat will not fail my children.. any help will be appreciated thanks

My life

I ask that you pray for me and my children through this difficult time we have been having we have lost our home our vehicle I lost my father and I'm trying we lost everything we owned down to my under garments . And I'm trying not to loose myself because it's getting harder and I don't know what to do. I am a single mother of 5 in a state tree that I have no one and a prayer is all I have left in me. I thank you have a nice day

My family

Pray for me and my family we just lost our father he was head of our hold now it's to me just want u to pray for us in this hard time

Pray for me

I'm having a difficult time lost my home do to land lord didn't stick to his word an kicked me my pregnant wife out an we're trying to get this house but can't get a loan ots are dream house for are kid an us an would love to see are kid have home before she comes in to this world I'm not a big person to ask for help but I'm praying for it right now if anyone is willing to help me out to get this place for my wife an kid I would really appreciate it more then anything ty an God bless

Because I can’t afford new windows

for my husband and I we can’t afford much of anything I would pray for just a little more than we’re use too. Not much

My health and family

Please Lord watch over me and my family and heal me from my illness. Watch over my family and my sister she is in bad health, if it is your will in Jesus name AMEN 🙏

Seeking guidance

I need prayers to help me with the guidance to clear my mind to help me figure out ways to pay this outstanding water bill .. prayers for the world to become positive and stop being mean to one another.. prayers to thank God for always being here for me..

Pray for me

I am having personal hardships and need to have prayers for me. I am struggling right now and need to find stable housing and self help to get my through this tough time.

Standing of prayer

🙏🙏🙏 lord to help me as I'm going threw my struggling and kidneys problems 🙏🙏 that it gets better forme lord and inflation Lord I'm asking for prayer as I'm standing in the need of 🙏🙏 and I ask that you all will pray for others who are going threw crisis and struggling going along the way lord give me the strength to stay strong and to hang on I no god will answer my 🙏🙏 forme and for other I won't to thank you all so much and may god continue blessing you all as well and Famliy amen.

Strength and Good health to make it threw all these trouble times

All of the above and help finding a way to get the things I need to be a stronger,and a healthier person, and be able to get me the right oxygen equipment easier to manage and carry for home and outside usage.  

Pray for me that I can come up with deposit money to find me a place t

I need the money to get me a place to live first month's rent and deposit I get disability so I'll be able to pay my rent I just need God to help me with my deposit Jesus name amen

Need help finding home.

Please pray for me to find and get a place to live. I've been homeless for a few too many years now. I am getting to old for this and my health is not getting any better. Thank you.  


I have stage 3 cancer and I have a bag own my side that will always be there I have place that I live in but it has a lot of mold in it I found a really nice home but I'm having problems coming up with a deposit to be able to move into it to where my health will get better

Family problems

Please send prayer for me , my partner and our 4 kids . We're currently living with a relative right now but we're struggling . We just move to Reno and our relationship has been downhill . Our living situation isn't safe for ourself and our kids , it's a risky living place we're staying at right now . No near by family members that can help besides these people . Our kids are behind school cause we're having transportation problem , no job .. just pray for a miracle for us cause Im just afraid for our lives and our safety and just Wana have some peace of mind and settle down so I can raise my kids in a peaceful and safe home 😭

Mental wellbeing

I just went through 3rd stage inflammatory breast cancer as a single 53 year old. My husband had an affair that lasted for over a year that devastated my whole being. We stayed together but after 4 years he was acting inappropriate with other women. I can’t move on and I haven’t been the same since. I’ve lost myself and I need prayer to move on and be happy again. We lost our home right after I discovered his affair to a fire. We lost everything and we did not have insurance because we were in the of refinancing. I’m trying to live on Ssi of 914 per month and 135 in food stamps. I feel like I just keep going backwards and I feel unworthy of living.

Having Precudure done on 2/20/23

God is Wonderful Please 🙏 🙌 ❤️ Pray For Me There might be a Blockage in My ❤️ Heart Only God knows the Answer So Please that it's not Thank You much for The God's Wonderful Prayers 🙏 God holds The Key to Everything Amen

I need to find a home I need help support I'm alone just really sad depressed staying in a tent

I have brain surgery last year I left my apartment my home had two seizures that spent me an intensive care I'm currently homeless staying in a tenant it's cold I just need help I have pneumonia right now I'm really sad depressed feel like giving up I need to get better need to get my life back  

Pray for myself and my family

Please pray that my family can pay the rent this month and every month thereafter and be financially stable so that we don't have to worry about being evicted or homeless again or if we are going to have food and electricity again. Pray for our family to have financial abundance from this day forward. Thank you

Prayers for me

In god name I need God to help me with my heart and my life every thing are going ok but I need your help and help with my wife she needs help also we are going to things but I know you are the one can help me. This is my prayer


Please pray for my family we are having a really hard time with our financial situation and could use a lot of prayers right now. Thank you and God Bless  

I am in dire need of help please

My name is Lorri, I seriously need help I have been struggling since I left my ex-husband after leaving my ex-husband I've been having all I've been having medical problems and I had a best friend that was helping me and he always stop by and check up on me and all that and come over all the time you know because I was afraid of being alone and something happening to me. Anyway he actually raped me multiple times just a year and a half ago and I have been having the hardest time to deal with it or handle the situation because I lost all my friends because I charged him and I know he's getting threatened my my stuff getting shot or some other ways they got a snake on it that you been getting desperate. But I really need the help my car is breaking down and I'm handicap so I need my car I rather buy a brand new truck than this car or SUV I hate this car cuz it my ex drove it but it in the car but it's Cadillac converter going out. I also need help with me you tell any bills and past new bills I just really really need the help I really need help to get a puppy shih tzu the reason why I mentally can't handle things I just got back from going in mental home to try to get myself stable and I'm not feeling the last Stables now so if I need to fuck me I know that that would help me in so many ways because I lost my baby girl during my divorce and my ex-husband decide to do the divorce during the time I was dealing with my rape and I couldn't go to Oregon to go to court he did it on purpose so he left me with all the debt and then and then some please give me a call let me know if you can at least maybe help me with the dog in the car that would be just such a wonderful thing I you have no idea anyway my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX thank you and I hope to hear from you Lori Lee I live in Layton  

Please Pray for Thomas and his wife Joyce,to allow God to get complete control of their lives and that God will award them openly so we can be a Blessing to OTHERS!!!!!!

Father in Heaven take control of the lives of Thomas and Joyce and lead them in the way you will have them to go. Dear God my desire is to BUY a home for Joyce and to become DET Free. To continue to Preach your word and to let go and to let GOD.  

Prayers for marriage

Please pray for the healing of the relationship between my son and my daughter-in-law.

Help with my financial situation

Lord bless me to get help with my financial situation while I wait on my disability claim I been sruggling with bills and food  

To be able to get a lone

Please pray for me to get this loan to buy a home and to get a car so I can stay sober