Prayer Request

Were kinda having it rough
I clicked on this website to apply to turn our home into a solar home bc we have it hard trying to pay for an electric bill.there are so many things wrong with our trailer sometimes im afraid to lay my head down bc the wiring is so bad. You literally have to flip a light switch just to have heat when its cold and now u cant even do that bc the lightswitch gets hot as fire. My window are rotted out in the bed room the roof leaks sometimes when it rains. We want to finish fencing in our yard bc we cant even let the animals outside to run and use the restroom bc they want to call the police or the animal control. So my floors are kinda ruined from that especially in our bathroom bc the toliet leaks! Im not exactly sure if this is what yall mean by praying on here but my prayers is to have a nice liveable home especially one i can lay my head down at night i dont have to worry abt burning up in my sleep! In jesus name i pray. Amen
Name: Nicole Rinker
City/State: Rome
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